“First I fell in love with your soul
and all the beauty you hold within
Then everything else came naturally
I began to fall in love with your face
The way your brown eyes gaze back at me
Your lips,
The way they fit perfectly with mine
The way your heart beats,
For it whispers beautiful songs into my ears
With you
I saw the world differently
I took a risk
And then when it hit me all at once
I realized
I fell
I fell in love.”

-P.Romero (serketsuicide)

IG: @ luneetlesoleil

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“We write when our tongues cannot speak. We write to be heard. Not by anyone, but by the one who formed the words like bile in our throats. And the sad thing is, most of the time, those words… those words that we spill out of our hearts in pain like vomit straight from the gut, are never read or understood by the ones they are written for. And so we keep on writing. We change our words and phrases, our rhymes. We keep writing to be heard by the deaf, for those who will never read. And that is the tragedy of the writer.”
— D.A. (via pulchritudinous-mindds)
“if I pretend I don’t have a heart, I can pretend it doesn’t hurt.”

Love and be loved


Love, fullheartedly and without doubt-

This is the vigor of untarnished gladness.

Love yourself,

and love your bretheren as yourself,

for this is the nature of completeness.

Take part and share in the abundance of the universe,

for this is the path of communal righteousness.


“She dreamt every night that she was somewhere else. Somewhere different. Somewhere far away from where she was. One day, she hopped on a train and left and didn’t care where the train ended up stopping,”
— (via oliverswinford)

It’s quite scary getting lost alone. Will you join my side for an adventure?

“I’m not a poet…..or if life is poetry I guess we’re all poets…..I don’t know. I’m just a trapped soul wrapped up in this inefficient bag of flesh and bones, trying to tell you that you’re awesome.”
— (via giraffevader)

Do more than exist. Let the sun hit you and feel it unraveling on your skin. Watch it paint shadows on your wall with the spill of the morning’s first break of light. Breathe in the golden sky and let it fill you up.

Do more than exist.

Sade Andria Zabala | Thought of the Day (via surfandwrite)
“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”
— Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970)

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